A honest Size Genetics review

Sizegenetics is an innovative penis-enlargement system. It combines four different methods in the uplifting of one's manhood. The system is a combination of four different programs; one enlargement device, one enlargement pills, one sperm-count increasers, and penis exercises. This combination of these four methods brought the Sizegenetics systems success.

The SizeGenetics enlargement device or the traction device works by applying a constant grip on the whole length of the penis. In theory, the body will adopt to the force applied, thus triggering the penis to grow in length and thickness. This same technology is used by Orthopedic surgeons use this same method in order to lengthen the fingers or legs.

The enlargement pills or the ProSolution Pills (included in the pack) enhances the size of your tool. This improves blood circulation in the penile area to achieve fuller erection. It is recommended to take three capsules per day for maximum result.

The Volumepills targets the sperm-count. The pill raises the amount of sperm output up to 500% (I found 200-300% to be more realistic). That is five times more than your original load! Aside from that, this volume pill can also help you achieve longer orgasms, rock hard erections, and even multi orgasm which is rare for the male species. This is one of my favorites included in the SizeGenetics package.

The last part of the system deals with tried and tested penile exercises program that would further enhance one's virility. The exercises might consume only a few minutes each day, but when done continuously will help you reach your full potential.

The combination of these four systems combined in the Size Genetics product is very essential as one compliments the other to fully achieve your maximum sexual potential. The good thing about this program is that there are no side effects because the pills are all 100% natural and the device and exercises does not oppose the natural growth of your penis. They only enhance or speed up the growth process of your tool and do not go against your dick's natural tendencies. Furthermore, the device and exercises can even straighten miss-shaped penises.

My SizeGenetics Test Results

After trying out the system for two weeks, there has been a great change in my tool. It can now perform ten times more effective than it used to. My cock has grown more than an inch from its original 6 inches and I can now keep it erect even after two straight explosions. This is a big change in my manhood, and it greatly boosted my self-esteem. It's a great feeling that I can keep up with my girl's multiple orgasms and not leave her hanging. To be honest at first I did not expect really good results but it was indeed no scam. I am still using it as we speak to get full exposure.

This is a very effective and proven system that everyone should try!